Vendor Enlistment Procedure

1. Introduction
  • Gujarat State Petronet Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GSPL” or “Owner”) is a Limited liability company incorporated under the provisions of the erstwhile Companies Act 1956, engaged in business of transportation of natural gas through pipelines connecting various supply and demand centers in Gujarat. The company was incorporated on 23rd Dec 1998 with its registered office at GSPC Bhavan, Sector-11, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. GSPL has been certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004 and OHSAS-18001:2007 for Gas Grid pipeline Network.
  • GSPL has already put in place a pipeline network of about 2692 km across the state of Gujarat and further extension of pipeline network is going on in phased manner.
2. Assessing authority
  • GSPL has appointed M/s Certification Engineers International Limited (CEIL) to review vendor’s documents, inspection and surveillance services for vendor assessment for Indigenous and Overseas vendors. Based on CEIL’s conclusion report, GSPL shall take decision which shall be treated as final.
3. Purpose:
  • The purpose of Vendor Enlistment is to draw guidelines for providing services for evaluation of vendor’s qualification and capability effectively, identify the deficiencies, evolve a standard method to select and qualify vendors and conduct fact based independent evaluation of vendor’s capability, reliability with respect to client’s requirements for maintaining a progressive vendor database.
  • Goods and services provided by our suppliers have a key impact on the quality of the products, solutions and services we offer to our customers. Vendor Enlistment (VE) is a process through which a vendor associate them self with Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL). In order to Government of India’s philosophy of “Ease of Doing Business”, Vendor Enlistment process in GSPL have been made online with simplified and more business friendly with following salient features;
    1. Making Vendor Enlistment centralized (centralized storage of vendor data/info)
    2. Evaluation of vendors based on soft copy documents (paperless online review)
    3. Faster turnaround time
4. Procedure:

The procedure mainly divided in to three (3) parts as mentioned below;

  1. Pre-assessment of Vendor: Review of Online Application Form, Supporting documents/ dossier submitted by vendors regarding their manufacturing/ service, managerial and qualitative capabilities with reference to GSPL’s minimum qualification criteria (all indigenous and overseas vendors). Factory visit shall be arranged only if vendor is qualified in pre-assessment stage (Score >60%).

  2. Assessment of Factory/ Site location: Visit to vendor’s factory/ Site location for checking their manufacturing/ service, managerial and qualitative aspects (Indigenous vendors only).

    • CEIL/GSPL team shall evaluate the documents/ records regarding manufacturing, qualitative and managerial capabilities, identify the strength and weakness of vendors.
    • All testing facilities, Calibration of Instruments, Tests as per Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), Source of Raw material, Storage & handling facilities, Documents verifications Software verification/ tracking/ utilization shall be verified/ carried out during factory/ site visit. Closing meeting shall be carried out post completion of testing activity and review of documentation for the outcome of the observations.
  3. Post assessment of Vendor Preparation of draft report (in predefined format) based on above evaluation with clear conclusion (recommendation/ non- recommendation for vendor enlistment).

    • After incorporating GSPL’s comments (if any), final reports shall be submitted by CEIL to GSPL.
    • Based on the final report, GSPL shall obtain approval from GSPL management and issue approval/ rejection letter to respective vendors.
5. Basis for Evaluation & Recommendation:
  • Detailed information provided in your Application form along with respective supporting documents is foremost important for Vendor Enlistment. Based on their credentials & capabilities, only those vendors shall be enlisted who have scored more than or equal to 60%. The marks shall be determined based on the Application form and its supporting documents submitted by vendors.
6. Locking Period:
  • Once rejected, vendor can not apply for vendor enlistment for One (1) year from the date of issuance of rejection letter.
GSPL is authorized to amend the procedure at any time of the process and such amendment(s) shall be accepted by us.